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Proposal for new vision requirements for driving licenses – All about motorcycles

Proposal for new vision requirements for driving licenses – All about motorcycles

The Swedish Transport Agency is proposing that vision requirements for driving licenses will be changed next autumn. The proposal will now be sent for consultation.

– The proposal means that more people will meet vision requirements, says Asa Eriksson, an investigator at the Swedish Transport Agency.

Swedish vision requirements for driving licenses have been criticized as being too far-reaching in the case of vision loss. In 2020, a comprehensive review of the medical driver’s license requirements for vision was announced, which indicated that the rules needed to be adjusted.

– Sweden has proven to have stricter vision requirements than other European countries with high traffic safety, says Asa Eriksson.

In addition, the rules should be harmonized with the minimum requirements of the Driver Licensing Directive. Extensive regulatory work is underway and has now resulted in a new proposal. The biggest changes are related to the rules for the field of vision and the rules for the basic eye test, which is related to the application for a driving license.

More needs can be met

Proposed Field of View Requirements A certain reduced light sensitivity will be adopted in the field of view – for low and high recognitions. The threshold value has been changed to the same level as in Norway and Great Britain, and in countries with higher requirements for road safety.

1,000 Swedes a year lose their driving license today due to vision loss.

– We don’t know how many people are affected by the change, but our estimate is that some of these people will meet the vision requirements when the new rules come into effect. It’s important to remember that you have to reapply, says Asa Eriksson.

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Until the new rules come into effect, the old vision requirements will apply.

An ophthalmologist or doctor checks vision

The option of eye tests at driving schools has disappeared under the new scheme. Instead, it is optometrists or doctors who issue vision certificates in connection with driver’s license recognition. The background is that the Swedish Transport Agency does not have the authority to ensure the competence of staff working in driving schools.

Another change is that most of the vision certificates required by the Swedish Transport Agency for people who already have a driving license can be issued by opticians. It will eliminate eye care and make it easier for citizens.

What is happening now?

The Swedish Transport Agency wants to get feedback from those affected by the scheme so that the new rules gain wider support and work better in the future. Hence the proposed regulation is sent for recommendation to the concerned authorities, institutions and stakeholders. Comments on the proposal can be made up to and including 22 December 2023.

The goal is to have the new rules come into effect by the fall of 2024.

read more: Such as recommending proposals for changes to the Swedish Transport Agency’s regulations and general advice on medical requirements for holding a driving license (TSFS 2010:125).

Source: Swedish Transport Agency