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Products your skin will love this fall

Products your skin will love this fall

uhög After a long summer, your skin may need a little extra love as it can easily lose its balance. The sun’s rays affect our skin and can have serious consequences for some.

The skin is exposed to all possible types of light in the summer, says Dr. Michael Zanjani. He is one of the most famous dermatologists in Norway and has good advice on the best way to take care of your skin after summer.

According to Dr. Zanjani, it is not only the “ordinary” rays, which we all know, that are dangerous. He explains that both infrared rays and the entire light spectrum can affect our skin for up to a day after we are exposed to sunlight. Current research shows that the entire light spectrum can cause premature skin aging.

– When the tan disappears, almost everyone will experience worsening of the skin condition, warns Zanjani.

Good products help restore the skin

Did you know, for example, that the sun stimulates increased sebum production, and that sebum can lead to dermatitis? According to Dr. One of the secrets to healthy, glowing skin is zingy exfoliation.

Serious exfoliation of the skin is one of my best tips for tidying it up after the summer. Additionally, it becomes easier for the skin to absorb other products when dead skin cells are removed.

– When the tan disappears and the skin becomes covered with a layer of dead skin cells, it appears gray and lifeless. Therefore, regular exfoliation of the skin contributes to smoother, cleaner, more elastic and vibrant skin. By removing dead skin cells, the production of new skin cells can be stimulated so that the skin is rejuvenated. This can quickly restore the glow lost when the tan wears off, Zanjani explains.

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The dermatologist urges anyone who wants to repair skin to choose products that contain antioxidants and to use sunscreen with a high SPF year round.

Make a good plan

doctor. Zanjani says the vast majority of people get good results from using retinol. It gives a more even skin tone and puts the skin in repair mode.

– Retinol can speed up the cell renewal process so that new, healthy skin cells appear on the surface of the skin faster. Promotes collagen production in the skin, resulting in firmer, firmer skin. He says that collagen, which is naturally present in the body, decreases with age, but it can also be damaged by UV rays.

In short, you can say that retinol improves the skin’s ability to function better so that you can get rid of the damage in your skin.

Skincare for healthy skin from ZO this fall

– The most important thing you can do is to find a cream program that optimally suits your skin. It’s also important to develop a treatment plan with a dermatologist or skin therapist, concludes Dr. Negroid.

Get healthy and natural skin

doctor. Mette Haga worked for eight years in the academy’s clinic. She is passionate about skin and various measures against skin damage.

– My best advice to anyone who wants to take care of their skin is to start using active creams early. She says to use sunscreen every day all year long.

Personally, Mitty loves the products from ZO skin health.

-It has been a truly exciting journey to discover ZO Skin Health and have the opportunity to start working with this series professionally. I use the cream program myself, but I also see many patients who have had an incredibly good effect from changing their skin care. It is truly an advantage to my profession. “I’m really happy that I’m able to help others take better care of their skin,” she says.

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5 products for healthy, natural skin

ZO wrinkle + texture repair

One of ZO’s superheroes against aging and sun-damaged skin. With high potency retinol, this cream helps reduce fine lines, pores and wrinkles, improve skin quality and provide firmer skin. As an added bonus, it can give a beautiful glow.

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ZO wrinkle + texture repair

ZO Daily Power Defense

Rich in antioxidants, this barrier-strengthening cream prevents damage caused by inflammation and strengthens the skin. Special enzymes support natural cell repair to ensure healthy skin.

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ZO Daily Power Defense

ZO Retinol Skin Brightener

If you have uneven skin tone after summer, this cream works effectively to provide a clearer and healthier skin tone. The product reduces redness and helps prevent new discoloration. Available in three different concentrations of retinol: 0.25%, 0.5% and 1%. It can also be used on the body.

Buy ZO Retinol Skin Brightener here!

ZO Retinol Skin Brightener

Skin rejuvenation pads

Effective pads that help reduce oiliness and clogged pores while adding radiance to the skin. It also provides gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells.

Buy skin rejuvenation pads here!

Skin rejuvenation pads

ZO growth factor serum

Magic in a jar! The serum helps prevent signs of aging, gives smoother expression lines and strengthens the skin. It is suitable for most skin types with moderate signs of aging. Retinol free.

Buy ZO Growth Factor Serum here!

ZO growth factor serum

ZO is one of the most famous medical skin series in the world.

Read more about the products here!