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ProCamera gives you more control over the camera in iPhone

ProCamera gives you more control over the camera in iPhone

Kamera & Bild’s sister magazine Mobil tells us how ProCamer for Iphone can fix more setup options for your iPhone – without giving up on automation.

Apple’s philosophy has always been a slightly patronizing attitude of “Don’t worry about it, we fix it for you”. Often with great results where you can trust that everything just works. When it comes to a mobile phone camera, this setting becomes even more obvious. Apple really does its best to let you take good photos at the touch of a button, but if you’re not happy, you have very little chance of changing the camera settings.

When you start ProCamera, you are greeted with a user interface completely different from the Apple Camera app. Different but not difficult, the fact is that here too you can choose to just press the big shutter button and the result of the photo will be the same as that of the Apple camera app.

But of course it is the rich setting options you are looking for, here you can manually adjust the iso number, exposure compensation, exposure time, white balance (with two controls) and more. I’m a fan of the user interface, where you can have up to two sliders on one side of the screen for different settings and easily switch between them without it becoming unclear which two sliders to choose. The settings work with all phone cameras, and even for video shooting, the app is full of functionality without feeling overburdened.

You also get graphs, which are three different models, which are recessed into the screen on the left in the image. You can choose to save images in a raw format (several different variants) and you can choose the degree of compression if you save as jpeg or heif. There are also video instructions in the app on how to use all the features.

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