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Prison for men filmed in Musköbasen, south of Stockholm

The men were arrested in December 2018 after a security guard discovered them inside the Swedish Armed Forces naval base in Moscow, south of Stockholm. It turns out that they were twice inside and took 78 videos and 88 photos the first night, 54 videos and 20 photos in the second.

Söderthorn County Court On Wednesday, the men were sentenced to one year and four months in prison each for unauthorized atrocities with classified information, unauthorized access to protected objects and illegal photography of protected objects.

In its ruling, the District Court states that “the confidential information with which the defendants took office relates to circumstances of great importance to the security of Sweden” and that the films and photographs “primarily depict the secret and most protected parts of the protected object Musköbasen”.

There is no evidence to suggest that the men intended to acquire a foreign power with the material.

The men, aged 35, from Belgium and the United Kingdom, respectively, denied the crimes they were accused of. They claimed to be interested in what is called urban exploration, which means that you are entering closed or deserted environments even though they may be illegal. They were seeing that there was no military activity on the base, and they also said they didn’t understand what was being protected.

However, the district court indicates In different circumstances contradict this. The court finds it very disturbing that the statements they have made in various film series are, among other things, that one of the men says that they are “going to a place called Moscow, and in Moscow there is a huge underground submarine base that may or may not be crowded with soldiers.” “. In a clip, one of them asks “what are we doing.. an active submarine base” and in a sequence recorded after the first visit to the base, talks about that they have to return “because we missed a very central part, we lost the red zone”.

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According to the local court, this strongly supports the conclusion that the men already knew that there was military activity going on at the base.

“Sayings from a movie clip in which the defendants agreed prior to the first break-in on what they would say if they were to be discovered speak in the same direction; that is, essentially the same things as they have claimed in this case,” the judgment stated.