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Press Invitation: The City as a Solution for Change, theme during the Stockholm Sustainability Summit

Press Invitation: The City as a Solution for Change, theme during the Stockholm Sustainability Summit

Ahead of Stockholm+50, the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce invites an open symposium on the city as a greenhouse for innovation and green change.

The world’s major cities account for a significant portion of the climatic footprint. At the same time, groundbreaking innovations and new technology are being created precisely in and around cities. During the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s first sustainability summit, we will help knowledgeable experts and speakers highlight the city’s role in going green.

The green cities will be the winners. New solutions that change the way we build, travel and live will be critical to dealing with the climate crisis. We want to give inspiration to all those who are building the cities of the future to take on additional responsibility in a changing time, says Andreas Hatzigorgio, CEO of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce.

keynote speakers

Hailee Soholt, CEO and founder of Gehl

Helle Sohlt is CEO and co-founder of the architecture firm Gehl in Copenhagen. She is a recognized international leader in architecture and urban design and is often a consultant on urban change and planning work with the starting point for creating cities for people.

Lucy Yu, CEO of Net Zero

Lucy Yu is the Executive Director of the London-based Net Zero think tank, which works against climate change by bringing together actors in technology, environment, economics and politics. She is an expert in technology and politics, and has served, among other things, as the leader of working groups within the UK government and the United Nations, as well as advising some start-ups in Europe. Lucy Yu is an expert in sustainable cities, energy, artificial intelligence, data, and digital development.

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Other participants:

  • Malin Labecker, Chief Mobility Strategist, Volvo Cars
  • Philip Goranson, Founder and CEO of Hydda Group
  • Katis Karlin, Business Director, Co-owner of OBOS
  • Saga Gerenberg, Head of Sustainability, Atrium Ljungberg
  • Niklas Svensson, Business Area Manager, Tengbom

Time and place:

May 31, 2022
11.30 – 13.30
Regeringsgatan 29

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