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Praise for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, "I didn't feel like Xenoblade Chronicles at all"

Praise for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, “I didn’t feel like Xenoblade Chronicles at all”

At least not initially, according to the director.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Almost here. Reviews certainly are, and the chorus of praise is spreading. Your Metacritic score is currently up to Awesome 89to compare with Runners-up 83 And the 92 original Wii version. In short: This is a series that feels right at home with high ratings.

It was Tetsuya Takahashi Zeno– The tough guy in the series since then XenogearsAcross Xenosagaand now to Xenoblade. Of course, he is not alone in the team, and one of the managers of the game is Koh Kojima. for nintendo He tells us the stadium didn’t feel like one at all Xenoblade Chronicles-Game.

At first, I thought it didn’t feel like Xenoblade Chronicles at all… I think Takahashi-san was deliberately trying to remove the sense of “Xenoblade-ness” from the series. The stories of the first and second games were completely different, but there was a feeling of “Xenoblade-ness” that was common to both.

He thinks the reason is that the world feels more “Grand” Than it was in the previous two games, and that might not be as good with the players. In the end, though, he thinks the team found one “good balance” Between the old and the new. And the final product feels very “Xenoblade-esque”.

Released on Friday Xenoblade Chronicles 3And we get a solid review here.

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