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Power outage in Bromma – ‘no expectations’

A new blackout occurred in Stockholm.
A new blackout occurred in Stockholm.

A new blackout occurred in Stockholm.

For two consecutive days, thousands of people have now lost power.

– They’re completely independent, says Jesper Leverod, Ellevio’s press spokesperson.

A major blackout occurred in the city of Bromma, west of Stockholm.

23,350 electricity subscribers were affected by the outage that occurred at 11:40, according to electricity supplier Ellevio.

– This has nothing to do with yesterday’s outage, they are completely independent, it has to do with the protection of the relay that has tripped in the so-called distribution station. Relay protection detected a technical fault and cut off the power, says Jesper Liveröd.

At the moment, there are no predictions for when the force will return.

– The technicians are on their way there as soon as possible. Yesterday the technicians got stuck in traffic which is why it took so long. It’s no longer a rush now, so hopefully technicians can get there and can troubleshoot it as soon as possible, says Jesper Liveröd.

Yesterday there was a major outage in southern Stockholm with more than 30,000 families affected. According to Leverod, the fact that there are two major breaks in two days is unfortunate, but completely coincidental.

It’s unfortunate no matter when it happens, but these two are due to completely different individual causes and we’ll totally get to the bottom of the bugs, says Jesper Liveröd.

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By 12.30 the outage should be completed and electricity restored for most households.