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Polls show: Labor heading for a landslide victory

Polls show: Labor heading for a landslide victory

Two weeks ago, in rainy London, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called a general election for July 4. According to the latest opinion polls, everything points to regime change.

Rishi Sunak's party (Tories) has been in power for 14 years, but in a survey conducted by YouGov/Sky News The Labor Party is heading for its biggest majority victory in more than 100 years.

According to the survey, Labor will win 422 seats in the British House of Commons, which needs 326 seats for a majority. An increase of 222 mandates over the previous election. The Tories on the other hand muster only 140 seats, a loss of 232 seats.

New age players are entering the game

It's not getting any easier for Rishi Sunak after Nigel Farage, known for his Brexit campaign, announced his candidacy for prime minister with the Reform UK Party on Tuesday.

– I'm coming back as Chair of Reform UK, not just for this campaign. “I will be back for the next five years,” he said in his announcement.

According to of the BBC Political reporter Ioan Wells says Nigel Farage's candidacy is worrying Tory strategists. Some Conservatives worry that reform UK could split the right-wing vote in some constituencies.

Sky News John Craig It describes the poll's result as a disaster for the Tories, but also writes that it is creating some concern within Labour.

The idea that the party is heading for a landslide victory may worry those inside the party who fear it will win ahead of Labour.

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However, general election Labor leader Keir Starmer doesn't seem worried. After winning the local elections, he was early on and invited Rishi Sunak to call for parliamentary elections, saying after the announcement in May, “something the country needs and waits for”.