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Polestar 2 gets better with new updates - prepares the battery for fast charging

Polestar 2 gets better with new updates – prepares the battery for fast charging

Polestar is one of several manufacturers of modern electric vehicles that use Over-the-Air updates to renew and upgrade their vehicles. Polestar is now rolling out a major update for those driving the Polestar 2. The focus is on better range optimization tools and improved fast charging.

Among the news is a new app that helps, especially unfamiliar electric car drivers, to improve the use and range of battery capacity. The functionality of the application includes smarter use of the car’s air conditioning system.

Polestar is also releasing improvements to the vehicle’s pre-conditioning and battery pre-flight. It is now possible to schedule a departure in the car or directly in the app, which then optimally prepares the battery and the car for departure. If the vehicle is also connected to the charging box, the power will be taken directly from the socket instead of from the battery.

Preconditioning is also necessary to reach the optimum speed when charging fast. Therefore, the update comes with the new battery pre-adaptation feature linked to Google Maps.

When you select a generic fast charger as the destination, the battery’s battery temperature will be regulated to the optimum temperature before reaching for the fastest possible charge. This is a feature we’ve previously seen in Tesla cars when moving to a Tesla Supercharger.

The same updates also apply to the Volvo XC40 and Volvo C40 electric range siblings.

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