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Polar bear cubs were born in the Ursa Predator Park.  Hello!

Polar bear cubs were born in the Ursa Predator Park. Hello!

Orsa Predator Park sent out a press release this week to inform the public that two polar bear cubs have been born there. And the polar bear, Hope, gave birth to two cubs on Monday, however, it’s too early for the vets to go to the cubs so the new family can be followed through the cameras.

Polar bear cubs are very dangerous, and the survival stats are not very good during the first critical time. It has been shown that only about 50% of newborn puppies survive the first few weeks. Therefore, it is very important that Hope gets as much peace and quiet as possible, so the zoo has taken extra care by reducing the possibility of moving near the stable building as a visitor.

Zoo director Pernilla Thalin says:
Now you’re nervous to say the least because we don’t have the same eye contact in the stable as we did last year, and now this year we have to rely more on the sounds we hear. But so far it sounds good, the screams mingle with sucking sounds and sometimes it’s quiet of course when they’re all asleep. Now we are following the development of the Hope stable with excitement.

Hope arrived in Orsa in 2018 from the Antibes Zoo in France.

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