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Plura Jonsson confirms that Eldkvarn will be reunited in 2022

Reveals Aftonbladet’s plans

The waiting time is over.

Plura Jonsson can now confirm to Aftonbladet that there will be a tour and a new album with Eldkvarn next year.

– Me and everyone else in the band, I thought it would be very interesting, he says.

This year, it has been 50 years since the formation of Eldecfarn. Now Aftonbladet can reveal their celebration of it all by releasing albums and going on tour.

– Me and everyone else in the band, I thought it would be so much fun, says the first guy in the band Laura Johnson, 70.

Plura with her brother Carla.

He spoke to all the band members and everyone agreed that it was time to get back on the road again. The idea was that they would actually be reunited this year, but the pandemic made up for it.

They released the restrictions now, but they didn’t when we decided, says Blora.

New album from Eldkvarn

The band has already started spinning on a new album, which will also be released in 2022.

I have some songs that I wrote and I also have some that I received from other artists, says Plura Jonsson.

It will be Eldkevarn’s first album in over ten years. The last gig took place in 2015, when Plura announced that the band would be putting on ice. But now it’s time for the band to hit the road again.

songs by Eldkvarn

Eldkvarn was formed by Plura and his brother Carla Johnson 1971, then under the name Whip Me Hard. In 1976, they changed their name to Eldkfarn. They have had hits like “Love’s Tongue”, “Drunk for Love” and “Boys Boys Boys”.

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Eldkvarn’s Siesta Festival.

Tony Thorne, Claes von Heine, Laura Johnson, Carla Johnson and Werner Modegaard 1997.