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Plex revives the HTPC client

Plex revives the HTPC client

The HTPC segment has shrunk over the years, but there are PCs connected to TVs all over the world. PC users running Plex via browser or software were given an interface that’s adapted to smaller computer screens, making the experience less than ideal when using larger TVs. Plex has now revived its investment in HTPC and is releasing a new variant of the Plex client designed for use with larger screens.

Users who have run the Plex client on smart TVs or game consoles will get to know the Plex HTPC interface just fine, as the new client is more or less a copy of it. That is, much larger posters for movies and series as well as larger text for easier reading. Users can access all the movies, series, and all other media from the servers, and can navigate between them using the arrow keys on the keyboard or the connected manual control.

In a blog post about the new client, Plex wrote that the developers had already planned to scrap all efforts to develop a PC client with a newer interface. Following the comments of people who enjoy media via computers connected to TVs, the developers have changed the project and dusted it off. About a year ago, beta testers got access to the new client, and now work with the HTPC client has gone so far that it’s release-ready sharply.

Plex HTPC is available for download via files It is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

Will you start using the new HTPC variant?

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