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Playstation Plus games for August have already been leaked

Playstation Plus games for August have already been leaked

Someone at Sony happened to hit the edit button too early.

The regular blog post about Playstation Plus games next month isn’t out yet, but we already know the upcoming ones. We can thank someone at Sony for that, who apparently posted a list of the games pretty early on on the official website. The list was quickly removed again, but the Internet never forgets.

The first is Plants vs Zombies: Neighborville BattleIt is a third-person action game that contains both PvE and PvP content. This is part of a sub-series of the classic tower defense game, so expect more action and less strategy.

Next in line is Hunter Arena: Legends, It is a battle royale game. It will be released for both Playstation 4 and 5 in August, but the drop list now only mentioned that a Playstation 5 version is coming to Playstation Plus. The focus is on melee combat, and in addition to the other players, there is PvE content to get you started.

Finally, we will channel our inner Bjorn Borg tennis world tour 2And it’s not entirely unexpectedly a game of tennis. It includes both online multiplayer mode and career mode where we have to arrange everything from equipment to staff and sponsors.

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