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PlayStation accounts have been suspended without explanation

PlayStation accounts have been suspended without explanation

Many media outlets, among others the edge, Report strange events on PlayStation Network. Overnight and into Tuesday, hundreds of users on Reddit, Twitter and other channels reported suddenly unable to log in to their accounts. Most of them also say that when they try to log in, they receive a message that the account is “permanently suspended” due to user agreement violation.

Some users were able to get Sony support over the phone but did not receive any assistance. One wrote that support staff told them the account was closed due to fraud, but they couldn’t say anything more and hung up shortly after. Others who tried via chat also received curt responses and support staff ended calls before they could ask any follow-up questions.

Some users write that they have had the same account for many years and have not made any changes for a long time. With so many accounts suddenly suspended for no apparent reason, it seems likely that something has gone wrong on Sony’s end. This theory is also reinforced by the fact that several users later reported that their accounts had been inexplicably re-locked.

Sony has not yet commented on these reports. SweClockers has applied to Playstation Sweden and we will update the article if we receive a response.

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