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Playstation 5 Dev Kit is being sold on Ebay disguised as a pizza oven

Playstation 5 Dev Kit is being sold on Ebay disguised as a pizza oven

Before Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo release new game consoles, the companies must send developer prototypes of the consoles to game studios so they can learn how to code for them and produce games ready for release.

Dev Kits are rare and hard to come by, partly because they are produced in very few copies, and partly because manufacturers do everything they can to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. Game studios must sign confidentiality agreements and follow various security measures. Each console is “branded” so that the manufacturer can tell which studio made a mistake if a Dev Kit ever appears for sale.

The Playstation 5 development kit was no exception. It had an interesting V-shaped design and only a handful of examples have been seen over the years. Now report Tom's Devices It appears that this version has been publicly sold on Ebay – disguised as a pizza oven.

The information comes from the X Consolevariations account, which shared a screenshot that, if real, shows the completed auction where the console went for €6,050 or around SEK69,000 after 59 bids. The image shows several pizza boxes in the background and a spoon with the Playstation logo on it. It's not clear when the auction took place.

Tom's Hardware points out that it will be difficult to take advantage of modern development toolsets because they have different techniques to prevent unauthorized use.

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