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Playstation 4 emulator can run Bloodborne on PC

Playstation 4 emulator can run Bloodborne on PC

Game lovers George Morales I was able to play the Playstation 4 exclusive Bloodborne on PC using the shadPS4 emulator. In the YouTube clip, Morales shows how he was able to start the game from his computer, but unfortunately not much more than that. The game is currently in version 0.1.1 and still needs to be improved before it is fully playable.

Sony has never made an official PC port of Bloodborne, despite the fact that there are many who hope to one day play it on PC. If an emulator capable of running Bloodborne will silence PC gamers clamoring for a PC port, gaming enthusiast and fellow Geeks Jesper Norrwie is skeptical.

– The short answer is no. Sure, a PS4 emulator is something some will use to get their hands on this gem, but I think we’ll hear grumblings about a remaster and a PC port until the day Sony gives us what we want. The game may be very old but as we know it hasn’t been fully optimized, so a version that lets us experience the game on PC or console at 4K/60fps is a dream and a no-brainer if you ask me, he says.

Jesper Norrwie would rather wait for the day Sony itself announces a PC port.

– If I could also dream and see in divination, I believe and hope that next year we will see a remastered version signed by Bluepoint for PS5 and PC, and that the following year we will also get Bloodborne 2.

ShadPS4 has made some progress recently. It is now possible to play Resident Evil: Origins Collection and Persona 5 via the emulator. However, most of the emulation is still in its early stages, and playability varies. If you want to try out shadPS4, you can download it via Github.

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according to Wccftech Emulators like shadPS4 have the potential to make an impact, as they can port popular PS4 games that aren't officially supported to PC.