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Place more German and French on the table

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“In the high-class halls of Paris, the worst is the most spoken French,” wrote author Falstof Fakir.

In an exceptional way: Studying in French.

In an exceptional way: Studying in French.

Photo: Anders Wickland / TT

However, if the “bully” is Swedish, the probability that the person in question is trying to understand themselves in English rather than in French is very high.

Interestingly, the proportion of students studying French verbs in Swedish schools is declining, while France is becoming an increasingly important European power. And with less and less students, let’s explore what are the words in the German language that are offensive and restrictive to dative meanings. Overall, a recent survey shows that the proportion of students in high school elementary courses has dropped by 24 percent since the 2013/14 academic year. Presented in Skolvärlden Magazine.

I went to high school And every other student A language with Swedish and English. Half of them speak Spanish, one-fourth German and one-fifth French.

And a vision across the country testifies to a development where choices are low and, above all, the French are beaten.

Compulsory schools must provide at least two of the three languages, Spanish, German and French. That is, the French language is at risk of disappearing in schools with some students who have difficulty finding legitimate teachers.

Language that has a special status as a mother tongue to people on all continents as well as in international contexts. Diplomacy, Postal Service, UN and Interpol are some of them.

It was easier to learn Spanish than French. In addition, the step from Spanish to Italian is not far off. This makes the Spanish language a rational choice for many.

For a Swedish speaker, German also has the advantage of being a relatively close language. Germany, along with Norway, is pictured being Sweden’s most important trading partner. At the same time, after Britain’s exit from the EU, Germany became a country not only in the middle of a geographical sense, but also in politics. Nevertheless, German is losing popularity, while interest in Scandinavian languages ​​in German universities is paradoxically high.

Learning a new language is difficult. But it enriches on a personal level. And language-building bridges It is a gateway to other countries and cultures.

In fact, it is not surprising that the popularity of languages ​​is declining. Students ’choices reflect the big one. They choose a rational one based on their own starting points.

Language learning can be difficult and lead to less time allotted for other subjects, which can lower the standards. Swedish cultural life centered on the United States and the United Kingdom did not encourage the study of a language such as German or French.

“Swedish cultural life centered on the United States and the United Kingdom did not encourage the study of a language such as German or French.”

The National Association of Teachers has also drawn attention to the fact that many language teachers are leaving the profession. One reason is that municipalities prefer one of the three languages. If the language is removed from the schedule, who would want to apply for a job at the school?

Language groups are also said to be growing. Indicatively, there are rules for how many students can participate in distance education through affiliation at the same time, but how many are not allowed to attend a regular class.

It is often said that you can buy your own language in stores, but you should do the same with the buyer when you sell.

In short. In a small language area, there is no alternative to learning a foreign language.

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