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Pirelli sätter sitt cyberdäck på superbilen från McLaren

Pirelli puts his electronic tire on the McLaren supercar

Tire manufacturer Pirelli is launching its e-tire as standard on the McLaren Artura supercar. The frame is connected to the central computer of the car.

The Pirelli Cyber ​​Tire is the superior tire that not only measures air pressure on a tire. A sensor built into the frame sends signals directly to the vehicle’s central computer and also provides data on temperature and acceleration.

An illustrative description of how Pirelli tires work online and send information directly to the driver via the vehicle’s central computer. The transmission between the tire sensor and the computer is wireless. (Illustration: Pirelli)

first car

The first car to have Pirelli’s Cyber ​​Tire as standard is the McLaren Artura, a hybrid vehicle equipped with technology for a safer driving experience, according to the manufacturer. The sensor in the tires knows if summer or winter tires are on the vehicle and can affect the vehicle’s anti-lock system.

McLaren Artura
The first car to feature cybernetic tires as standard is McLaren’s worst Artura. The technology will likely end up with cheaper models in the future. (Photo: McLaren)

Today, the sensor is battery-powered and weighs about ten grams. In the future, the tire manufacturer aims to power the sensor with the energy generated when the tires are rolled. Pirelli thinks the sensor is in a generation or update that may warn of aquaplaning.

more information
Mounting the sensor to the frame allows car manufacturers to collect more and more information. One important thing when developing technology for self-driving cars. (Photo: McLaren)

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