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Pia Sundhuges is out of Brazil - after a penalty shootout drama

Pia Sundhuges is out of Brazil – after a penalty shootout drama

Brazil was seen as one of the favorites to win the gold medal in the Olympic Games. But she already stopped in the quarter-finals. The big nation failed to make a hole in the Canadian defense after 90 minutes and the match went into overtime.

Pia Sundhag’s team did not even manage to break the deadlock and the confrontation had to decide on penalties.

That would be about Canada. They won the penalty shootout 4-3 after the cage keeper, and Rosengård goalkeeper, Stephanie Lappe, saved two Brazilian penalties. And so Canada is ready for the semi-finals.

The Swede earlier won two golds and a silver. The first two medals with the United States and a silver medal as captain of the Sweden national team.

The other side of the tree

Canada is not on the same side of the playoffs as Sweden. This means that they will face the winner between the Netherlands and the United States in the semi-finals. The match is underway.

Sweden vs Japan match is currently taking place. The winner there will be against Australia, who beat Great Britain 4-3 after extra time.

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