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Physical buttons are a thing of the past on the iPhone 15 Pro

Physical buttons are a thing of the past on the iPhone 15 Pro

Apparently Apple is considering clicking physical buttons for mob behaviour. New leaked renders of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro show that the worst version lacks physical buttons and is expected to use pressure-sensitive areas on the side, among other things, to adjust the volume.

Short button for volume settings and long button for volume.

The renderings in question show the upcoming phone and pour more water on the rumor mill that has started swirling around the buttons on the iPhone 15. Instead of dedicated buttons for volume, the power key, and volume controls, the phone has an easy-to-touch surface that replaces the buttons. Tactile buttons provide haptic feedback, also known as vibration, when a finger touches the surface to indicate activation.

If you feel physical buttons are essential, the mobile giant is looking to keep the buttons on the regular iPhone 15 and 15 Max. It is expected to be equipped with volume buttons, power switches and controls that allow you to activate silent mode just like before.

It remains to be seen if Apple cancels the physical buttons with the Pro version of the iPhone 15. The new series of iPhones is expected to be introduced in September and until then one rumor or another will appear circulating claiming that the phone will have all kinds of magical functions. We will simply see how good the phones are in terms of functionality and looks when they are officially introduced.

Do you want more or less buttons on your phone?