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Photo tip: Three Homecoming Decorations on Instagram

Photo tip: Three Homecoming Decorations on Instagram

To make a big impact on Instagram, photos need to be attractive to the masses. But what kind of pictures he likes – what motifs and what composition? Here are three photo solutions that appeal to many.

An alley, road, or bridge

The motives may change, but the basic idea is the same. It is based on your depiction of a straight road that disappears towards the horizon, a bridge leading towards the water or a street of trees framing that straight path. There are many other examples such as shooting in tunnels, tubes and under bridges.

All motifs are based on a composition starting from two diagonals, which further merge into the image. The fact that this arrangement works so well is due to the fact that depth is created in the image as the diagonals also help effectively guide the viewer into the image – towards the point where the road disappears into the horizon or where we can see a light in the mouth of the tunnel.

hold on to things

There are a lot of pictures on Instagram where you see a hand holding something, like a leaf or a flower. This is often done with exaggerated clarity as the object takes up a significant portion of the image space.

The presence of a dominant element in the image is attractive and attracts attention. It helps you as a viewer to read the content of the picture, as the leaf or flower becomes a starting point that attracts your interest. Once you’ve taken the photo, you’ll probably keep looking at the photo to see its other parts.

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If you are going to be successful with your Instagram photo, it should be easy to navigate, which is why the “keep things” combination is such an effective way to get attention.

the lonely tree

The dominant element can also be a tree, when you can find a freestanding element. This has been a classic idea for a long time and nowadays also on Instagram, where the photographer often composes the photo with the tree in the middle – so a symmetrical solution. There will be order and order in the picture, which we humans automatically like. The image indicates calm and harmony, unlike if you configure it asymmetrically with the tree more to the right or left – which increases tension but at the same time requires more scenes.

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