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Petra and Sven-Olof moved from daily activities in Skellefteå: "taking a breath"

Petra and Sven-Olof moved from daily activities in Skellefteå: “taking a breath”

Sven-Olof Hägglund has so much energy in his body that he’s been trying to get rid of at home in the apartment for months.

– Fortunately, you’re a cleaning lady, which has never been so nice, he says.

Petra Haglund also thinks it was a tough time, but after the protests she had to go about daily for a few days a week.

mental illness

A report from the National Board of Health and Welfare shows that people with intellectual disabilities are taking a hard hit during the pandemic.

The report fears that mental illness has increased among young people and adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities.

Skellefteå municipality has 400 users who have had to stay at home on different rounds depending on the spread of infection.

Perhaps it would have been better to decide on closing permanently. For many of our users, time is of the essence. Saying a time and then not keeping it creates stress. But at the same time, it’s hard to see that we could have done it any other way, says Jenny Erickson, business consultant for day-to-day operations.

longing for work

The plan is now for all users to return in August. In addition, about 60 people were added during the year for which space will be made available.

Sven-Olof and Petra Hägglund have improved quite a bit as they have been told several times before that daily activities can unlock.

– I choose to think positively, the aura goes down and it looks like we’ll be able to go to work again, says Sven Olof.

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