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Outriders now boasts 3.5 million players.  stable!

Outriders now boasts 3.5 million players. stable!

Square Enix seems to have hit it with the Outriders. The game was released on April 1 and since then the game has managed to attract 3.5 million players across all platforms, and this is not only because of the correct entertaining gameplay episode but also because it is available via Game Pass. Regardless, it’s really nice if the game has so many players, and in regards to this, Square Enix has announced that Outriders will be one of the biggest IP addresses for companies to invest in in the future. In a statement, John Brooke, an executive at Square Enix External Studios, said:
β€œWith over 3.5 million unique players, an average gameplay of more than 30 hours and a very high participation in co-operative play, we and the amazing team at People Can Fly are very excited about this initial success. The launch of a new IP game is not easy at all and we remain grateful. Extremely supportive and feedback from the community – we continue to listen carefully and want to assure everyone that we are committed to improving and enhancing the experience in the coming weeks and months. We also look forward to expanding Outriders in the future. “

Outriders are available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Stadia.

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