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Our inhumane safety net creates insecurity and stress – VLT

Our inhumane safety net creates insecurity and stress – VLT

This is an advance.Opinions are the author’s own.

We live in a harsh reality where our safety net has become comically in the realm of fantasy in its ways and approaches, creating more stress and uncertainty for affected individuals. Is this how we should treat our fellow human beings?

Photo: Hussein Al-Alawi

Of course I have social services And the insurance fund is taken into account, which imposes almost impossible demands on us individuals in need.

It is nothing new that our efforts to be heard and seen are not adequate or good enough, when we are at our most vulnerable and broken in our various ways.

Sometimes life takes an unexpected turn, that is, things happen, situations arise, and the list of scenarios can be endless.

Regardless of the reason, one would think that it is clear that we have the opportunity to turn to our authorities, our safety net that has the responsibility to give people in need the necessary support and assistance. The safety net, which should be most readily available when it is needed most, is especially important when we live in these times when we live in a society where everything becomes more expensive. That is, everything that is considered today provides good conditions for a stable and safe life.



These include, among others: food, fuel, housing, electricity, water – and believe it or not, but in my opinion also electronics, at least in the form of devices that provide the opportunity to obtain information and an expanded social circle (a). However, the disadvantage is that it is expected Always having to be available which can be a stress factor for many).

Unfortunately, the stress level rises Among many other factors present in our world today, it applies to all age groups and expectations are increasing.

We should study or work until we reach retirement age, where the idea is that we should be able to live the life we ​​always wanted. However, the age of access to pension is increasing, the goal ends up getting further and further away, and when the time comes, you will probably have to move to a retirement home instead of doing everything you dreamed of – and if we are really, unfortunately, die before we have the chance. What reward should we strive for, after a lifetime of stress and achievement on the hamster wheel of our choice?

So, if for some reason you are unable to live on what I call a hamster wheel, because something happens, which makes it difficult to work or study, it is very difficult to access and afford necessities. Therefore, having an effective safety net is especially important, but the road to help can be long and challenging. This requires resources from the individual who may not have a reliable underlying reason for the need, and unfortunately in many cases this is forgotten and overlooked.

The truth is that people Often times, living in a vulnerable state, they struggle with individual obstacles, and are usually alone in secret before seeking help. The reason for this is to be able to classify him as a human being according to today’s standards and expectations, which the authorities do not really take into account in their investigations regarding decisions regarding interventions.



The Social Service and the Insurance Fund are themselves responsible according to their own directives and certain laws, and are entitled to carry out one or more interventions depending on the circumstances. This process seems to be designed for perfectly able people who have found themselves in a crisis or more temporary situation where lifestyle is an issue, which means that people who are not part of that target group have to be completely healthy, so that they can be sick and get help when they do. It’s about the two powers mentioned earlier – and this equation clearly doesn’t make sense, no matter how much you try or want.

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Based on all of the above, I would claim that the aforementioned authorities are creating more mental illness in the form of stress, uncertainty, anxiety, depression, and even more burnout instead of helping individuals who are already having a hard time.

you are being ignored, Diminished and inaudible Even if you reveal almost your entire personality, we are expected to be completely transparent, but what’s the point?

The prevailing impression is that with the help of social services and the insurance fund, you should be able to get the help and support you need to get back on your feet. This is done according to their own circumstances and at an ideal pace to prevent mental illness, regardless of the reason and background that makes a person end up in a vulnerable position.

Unfortunately, the authorities do not think this way, although they claim that you have to have an effective presence in the long term and that is the goal. Their only goal seems to be for the people who get help to become self-sufficient and independent, which really means you need to go from zero to one hundred in school or work life.


The reason for this is that you no longer get the same financial support from the authorities and you risk supporting yourself with loans, especially when choosing to study.


This wonderful method seems to be created so that the individual ends up in a vicious cycle where he works or studies, and then has to start the process again later. Which is a bit strange because it should be more costly to society, rather than tailoring rehabilitation individually and taking into account the assessment of treating doctors – who have a greater history and knowledge of the individual’s conditions from a health perspective, to prevent mental illness, psychosocial aspects and physical illness.

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Instead, you want the authorities mentioned That a person must use a magic wand and recover completely in no time, and the judgments of the doctor (and other necessary health care personnel) are overruled or ignored.

We live in a harsh reality where our safety net has become comically in the realm of fantasy in its ways and approaches, creating more stress and uncertainty for affected individuals. Is this how we should treat our fellow human beings?

If you think this is absolutely true, feel free to read the whole thing from the beginning, very carefully and keep the question in the back of your mind.

For those who know you In the text or that can be related, mention that you are the most important person in your life. Pay attention and be a little selfish sometimes, no one will thank you for being tired or broken because of your work. The world doesn’t end because you don’t have time for everything, as long as you’re not self-employed, there are multiple of you sharing the load and collaboration goes an incredibly long way.


On the other hand, if you’re self-employed and feeling burned out, try reviewing your options to create a more sustainable work environment that makes you feel good.

The longest relationship you have in this life is the one you have with yourself, so take advantage of the time and do not get lost in the hamster wheel.

Never forget that you are worth the gold and stronger than you think, no matter your background, you are not alone and we are all on this planet together. Fighting!