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Oneplus Oxygen OS integrates with Oppos Color OS

Oneplus Oxygen OS integrates with Oppos Color OS

Phone manufacturer Oneplus since 2015 has stocked phones with Android-powered Oxygen OS. It was marketed as a slightly modified operating system with relatively little القليل Pre-installed apps, like Android in the standard version. Oneplus is owned by BKK Electronics, which also owns home electronics maker Oppo. Despite the fact that they both manufacture phones, they partly acted separately from each other, among other things, as Oneplus is mainly aimed at users outside of China.

Since mid-June, there has been a continuous merger Oneplus will be further integrated into Oppo To better distribute and utilize the two companies’ resources. Over the years, Oneplus and Oppo have shared technologies among themselves and launched similar products, but the big difference is the different operating systems. Oppo has its own Color OS, which is more modified, which has not had the same success compared to Oxygen OS. In terms of merging, the operating systems will now also be brought closer together, at least behind the scenes.

After much evaluation and discussion, we have come up with a solid plan to make better use of our shared resources with OPPO. In order to improve efficiency and standardize the software experience across our portfolio, we are integrating the OxygenOS and ColorOS code base. This is a change that you probably won’t notice because it happens behind the scenes. We now have a larger and more capable team of developers, more advanced research and development resources, and a simpler development process, all combined to improve the OxygenOS experience.

When the merger of Oppo and Oneplus was revealed, Oneplus promised its users that The Oxygen Olympiad will remain to a very high degree, at least for international users. That promise hasn’t been broken, but according to a new update, the two operating systems will get Embedded code base. However, the change does not necessarily mean a significant difference to the end users. According to Oneplus, users will likely not notice anything at all.

In the update, they also announced that the newer models will have an extended update schedule. Oneplus 8 flagship models and later will receive three major Android updates, as well as four years of security updates. Nord series phones get two major Android updates, except for the Nord N series that gets an update, plus three years of security updates for everyone. This means that Oneplus update promises will be very similar to those made by Samsung.

Do you have a OnePlus phone? Are you happy with Oxygen OS?

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