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Olympics Today - Programs and Highlights February 8

Olympics Today – Programs and Highlights February 8

Tuesday February 8

The program below is given in Swedish time and is constantly updated during the tournament.

Text highlighted in yellow means Swedish or possibly Swedish participation.

02.15–06.30 Figure skating, men’s short program

03.00–04.20 Friske, women’s air competition final

03.40–05.30 Snowboards, women’s and men’s parallel giant slalom qualifiers

04.00–06.25 Alpine, Men’s Super G

05.10–07.25 Ice hockey, women’s team games

07.05–09.00 curling, mixed double bronze match

07.30–09.10 Figure skating, women’s and men’s parallel giant slalom final

09.00–10.35 Cross-country skates, women’s and men’s freestyle qualifying

09.30 – 11.25 biathlon, men’s 20 km

09.40–11.55 Ice hockey, women’s group matches, Sweden-Denmark

11.30 – 13.00 men’s skating 1500m

11.30 – 13.30 Cross-Country Skates, Women’s & Men’s Freestyle Final

12.50 – 15.30 Toboggan, Ladies Liquidators 3 and 4 (Tov Kohala)

13.05–15.15 Curling, mixed doubles final

14.10 – 16.25 ice hockey, women’s group matches, 2 matches

Three highlights

Curling: The Battle for the Bronze Medal

Sweden’s curling dream was shattered by an Olympic mixed doubles final on Monday. This is after a heavy loss to Italy in the semi-finals. But the search for a medal is still going on for Oscar Eriksson and Almeida de Val when the bronze match is won against Great Britain.

Biathlon: Can Samuelson take the challenge?

Time for the men’s 20+ kilometer race. Already at the 2018 Olympics, Sebastian Samuelsson was close to the podium: can the Swede challenge the Norwegians and also take revenge after the mixed relay?

Cross-country skiing: Dalqvist’s favorite dominant runner

Anything other than the Swedes’ victory is a sensation after a successful World Cup winter. Is it Maja Dalqvist’s turn to stand on top of the podium? Or will Jonah Sundling strike again, like at the World Cup last year?

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Beijing 2022 Olympic Games – You can watch it on TV

✓ The Discovery Group broadcasts the Beijing Olympics, which broadcasts the competitions in Sweden on Channels 5, Channel 9, Channel 11, Eurosport and Eurosport 2.

✓ Sweden’s biggest medal-jumping competitions and sports will be held on Lines 5 and 9.

✓ For those who want to see everything or watch the competitions next, the Discovery plus live streaming service applies.

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