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Nvidia security circuit down – vbios tweaking enabled again

Nvidia security circuit down – vbios tweaking enabled again

10-15 years ago, modifying the underlying software in graphics cards, the so-called vbios mod, was popular with cards from both AMD and Nvidia. Since Nvidia added a security circuit to the Geforce 900 family, it was impossible on the green side, but now it’s suddenly possible again, according to reports. technology promotion.

In a short time, at least two new utilities for overwriting the core software of modern Nvidia cards have been released in betas. (OMG) vflash Developed by Veii and your flash by Kefi. Both wrote detailed descriptions of the tools in the threads on the Techpowerup forum.

The tools were made possible by the discovery of a vulnerability in Nvidia’s Falcon security chip. On graphics cards up to the Geforce RTX 20 series, this means that you can put software, for example, from a factory-overclocked premium card onto a cheaper standard card. On all current cards including the RTX 4090 it is possible to load the software for exactly the same card from another manufacturer, for example the Asus software for the RTX 4060 onto the corresponding card from Gigabyte.

Anyone who purchased a newer RTX 4090 card with voltage set to 1.07V instead of the original 1.10V can load software from a card previously launched at 1.10V and thus give themselves more room to overclock. The possibilities are almost endless, and since the tools are just launched, more functionality will be added over time. For example, Kefi is already working on a new window-based version that can also backup existing programs.

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