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Nvidia reportedly supplies 48GB GDDR6X graphics cards

Nvidia reportedly supplies 48GB GDDR6X graphics cards

New device launches in the fall are fast approaching, and with that comes the usual alleged leaks on social media. One whistleblower who frequently comes up with new information is “kopite7kimi,” who notes with a list of specifications recently posted on Twitter that Nvidia won’t cut corners.

The graphics card is referred to in the post as “The Beast” and uses the “Ada Lovelace” AD102-450-A1 graphics chip with 18176 CUDA cores. In addition, a circuit board with the name PG137 was mentioned, which was not previously included in the amount of information that found its way into the network. The most noteworthy is the following, as kopite7kimi claims to be powered by 48GB of GDDR6X, with an astonishingly high power budget of 800W.

The person behind the Twitter account previously stated that Nvidia is testing an entire variant of the same graphics circuit, but with a power budget of up to 900 watts A power supply with dual 16-pin connectors. There was also talk of increasing the amount of graphics memory during the spring, and now the batch is said to appear again on the same graphics card.

It remains to be seen if the alleged beast will take its place in what will be the Geforce RTX 4000 series or if a Titan series sequel is on the way. There may be a little salt in it, as a Twitter leaker previously speculated about similar configurations with the warning that they don’t necessarily materialize and become actual products.