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Nvidia graphics cards lose game performance in Windows 11 update

Nvidia graphics cards lose game performance in Windows 11 update

Microsoft Update to Windows 11 In the second half of the year it began to find its way into the cottages through Windows Update. Included in the list are many updates and new functions. Unfortunately, the release seems to be more than just forests of gold and green.

Reports of game performance issues have begun to surface, including on Reddit (via Newwen). Users describe significantly degraded performance, stammer And processors that are not loaded correctly. The frequent point among user reports is that Nvidia graphics cards are used. Among the people who encountered the journal was Reddit user “ChoPT” who details the issue.

I was experiencing serious performance hitches, both on desktop and especially in games (this also broke gsync completely). It drops to ~30fps randomly from ~120, in non-graphically intensive tests. The screen is ripping like crazy. […] These same issues were present with the internal build I tried months ago, and I’m very disappointed that they still existed upon release.

I blinked, and all the problems were gone. – ChoPT, Reddit user

According to Chubbet, the same problem has been present in the beta version for several months without being resolved. Instead, it has now found its way to users in the official version. A representative from Nvidia is active in the discussion and asks users who are experiencing the issue to fill out the form appearance With details about the experiment to help troubleshoot.

Until Microsoft and Nvidia find out the problem, the easiest solution is to roll back to the previous version of Windows 11. For those who have a graphics card from the green team in the box and not yet updated, it may be appropriate to wait until the situation clears up.

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Have you updated to the new version of Windows 11 yet?