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Nvidia blends old and new with graphics for thin laptops

Nvidia blends old and new with graphics for thin laptops

During the year, both Nvidia and AMD revealed new graphics cards for laptops, with the latest generation architectures and performance boosting a common feature. During the first quarter of 2022, Intel will invest heavily in laptops with new “Alder Lake” processors and graphics cards under the Arc “Alchemist” banner. The latter is said to range from the top-down to the entry level, with graphics cards equipped with 96-512 compute units.

To put the competition in the simpler part, Nvidia is now revealing three graphics cards under the standard Geforce RTX 3050. After the huge success of the revived RTX 2060, the company is also taking the opportunity to use the “Turing” architecture for the MX550 boarding pass. The current “Ampere” is used for the sibling, but to avoid the introduction of the RTX 3040 or perhaps the RTX 3030 stamp, the top model of the trio gets the contrasting name RTX 2050. The mid-range variant is called the MX570.

The field of use of graphics cards is thin or energy-efficient laptops, an area that MX-branded graphics cards have covered for several years. The Geforce RTX 2050 ends up with a higher performance level, but it hobbles the clock frequencies to lock the power port in the 30-45W range. Turbo frequencies are set at 1,155-1,477MHz and the memory bus is 64-bit, but in addition to that, the specs match the RTX 3050 with 2,048 CUDA cores and 4GB of GDDR6 memory.

For this, the GA107 graphics circuit is used, a circuit that can also be seen on the MX570. When it comes to two MX cards, Nvidia is limited by exact specs, but for example, the power outlets can be assumed to be under 30W. Additionally, approximate performance comparisons against integrated solutions have been omitted. However, the lack of speed monsters is a given, but it is about solutions for users who want to play simpler games or have a little extra muscle, for example, 3D modeling and rendering.

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Laptops with the three new graphics cards will see the light of day sometime during the first quarter of next year. It’s possible that select models will actually be shown during the upcoming CES 2022, which is a chance for details on performance and specs to emerge from the shadows. The exhibition kicks off on January 5, 2022 and runs until January 8.

source: nvidia And Anandtek

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