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Now the tick bus comes to Huddinge

Now the tick bus comes to Huddinge

It’s time to vaccinate before this year’s tick season. On May 1, the tick bus will arrive at the Huddinge Center so that anyone who wants to get vaccinated against TBE can be able to.

  • Posted 16:06, April 28, 2017

The private receptionist Vaccin direkt tours Stockholm every year with his vaccination bus. On May 1, the bus stops at Coop on Forelltorget in central Huddinge and returns on several occasions during the spring and summer. The idea is easier for Stockholmers who want to get vaccinated against tuberculosis.

TBE is a viral disease transmitted by ticks that can cause meningitis. In 2016, 238 cases of tuberculosis were reported in Sweden, mostly in the provinces of Stockholm, Uppsala and Södermanland.

– TBE is distributed unevenly across the country. In Mälardalen and the Stockholm archipelago, it has been there and has been around for a long time. At the same time, a lot of people live here, who live in woods and fields, says Ulrika Winterback, a physician right at Vaccin.

Three doses are needed

The basic vaccination given on the bus consists of three doses with the first two vaccinations taken about a month apart and the third one year later, before the following season. Then you need to refill about every five years.

Ticks can also carry Lyme disease, and there is no vaccine against it. Unlike tuberculosis, Lyme disease is treatable.

In addition to May 1, the retail bus stops from 12-16 on May 14 and 28, and then on several occasions during the summer. You will find all summer stationsمحطات Here.

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