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Now NFT are coming to Facebook.  Some users may start watching digital art on Facebook.

Now NFT are coming to Facebook. Some users may start watching digital art on Facebook.

Facebook has now begun testing to allow some select users to show what they call “digital holdings” across Facebook. This means that selected users can view the NFTs they have created in their profile and under a new tab called Digital Holdings.

Meta, the owner of Facebook, launched NFT’s on Instagram in May, then stated that they soon planned to do the same on Facebook, something that has now happened. Then it was also said that creators could post their NFTs to both Instagram and Facebook, but that functionality hasn’t been launched yet, TechCrunch writes.

The NFTs posted on Instagram show both who created the work and who is the current owner. It is unclear if there will be a similar arrangement on Facebook.

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Now NFT are coming to Instagram

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Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and founder of Meta, announced yesterday that their Instagram photo-sharing service will begin testing a feature to display so-called NFTs this week. The idea is that those who have created or purchased an NFT should be able to view it in their profiles so that their followers and other interested parties can easily see it. Initially, this functionality will only be available to a select number of Instagram users in the United States. Meta writes in a Twitter post that similar functionality now being tested on Instagram for NFTs is also planned for Facebook in the future.

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