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Now ministers are in charge in Glasgow

Now ministers are in charge in Glasgow

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After a week of technical negotiations, it is now time for world leaders to make sharp decisions during the COP26 climate conference.

On Monday evening, Environment and Climate Minister Per Polund (MP), with ministers from around the world, entered Cop 26 in Glasgow to begin final ministerial-level negotiations. However, host country Alok Sharma and Climate Summit host said at a press conference yesterday afternoon that a number of issues would still be addressed at a technical level on Tuesday. They include the Paris Agreement rulebook and Article 6, emissions reporting rules and timeframes for national climate commitments.

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Negotiations are coming Next Tuesday, it will take place in parallel at the technical and ministerial levels in order to fully transform the negotiations between the ministers by Wednesday. The ambition is to have all negotiating texts ready by Thursday evening so we can make a decision on Friday. However, work on the scripts will likely continue on Friday as well.

The Swedish negotiating delegation continues to send positive signals.

On a technical level, Negotiations seem to be going as far as possible. It is about reducing the number of alternatives that ministers can decide on. As for the subsequent political negotiations, there is a sense that they are open to constructive discussions. We are likely to see different hybrid solutions where ministers find compromises as they succumb to certain issues in order to reach more with others. “I’m still very positive,” said Sweden’s deputy chief negotiator Christopher Nilsson.

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