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Now Alvik's basketball ladies go to gold

Now Alvik’s basketball ladies go to gold

Team captain Paula Johlin is fighting her tenth season at the elite level. But it has never been closer to a Swedish championship title than this.

– I have a great feeling before the series finale, and it’s going to be very exciting, she says.

Paula started her distinguished career with Team Cavernby in Gothenburg, but is now in her seventh season at Alvik. She lives with basketball every day when she works at Alvik’s office in keshovshallen and among other things she works with youth teams.

The women of Alvik have previously played two finalists at the Swedish Championships. The first was in 1976, when they fell against Huguesbo. 1998 second, loss to Nerike Basket from Orebro.

In addition to these two finals, 08 Alvik Stockholm was listed in the championship title in 2001. But this team was a separate elite club consisting of Alvik, Stockholm Capitals and JB Knights. The name was later changed to Human Rights 08 Stockholm.

Road to the 2021 Finals for him The nail was done directly. Alvik won 20 of the 22 matches in the Main Series, cleaned Uppsala in two consecutive matches in the quarter-finals, and won three consecutive matches against Hogsbo in the semifinals.

Losses in the Main Series came in the first leg with Lolea and against Visby in the final match, which is negligible for Alvik.

If you look at the stats in the meetings with Lulia, one of the highlights: Janelle McCarville’s comeback.

The American dominated Under the Baskets when Alvik won by 13 points at home. In Lolia, McCarville was not present. Instead, home-team player Alice Nystrom had room to tear up 16 rebounds, and Lulia won by four points.

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Alvik’s performance is very good This season is not a surprise. It is the fruit of tireless effort as the team gradually evolved and strengthened.

In January, Abigail Asuro arrived. The 27-year-old has been a professional in the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany and most recently Poland. She also won the gold medal in the Swedish championship with UmeƄ two years ago.

“We were in the same seat last season,” Paula Johlin says.

We defeated Hogsbo in the Swedish Cup Final (in January), we played well throughout February, and we had a good feeling when the series was closed (due to Covid).

Closing down after 18 rounds of the Main Series meant that the current table position was the final table, Lulia became champion, and Alfec second.

What is Alvik talking about this year?

– We had a good season, we kept a low high, we have a wide line-up, we don’t stand up and fall against major players, but we manage to take turns.

What details can define the final series?

I think we have an advantage at home, as we have a slightly bigger team. Paula says Lolea has a bigger team in their guard posts, but we have to be able to handle that.

The final series will be decided within eleven days. Play days are April 17th, 20th, 23rd, 25th and 27th. Thanks to first place in the Main Series, Alvik has an advantage at home in the first, third and possibly fifth matches.