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Great Britain to recover – Lions ready for quarter-final against Sweden – Hufvudstadsbladet

Great Britain to recover – Lions ready for quarter-final against Sweden – Hufvudstadsbladet

Austria had a chance to put serious pressure on Finland. Instead, Great Britain arranged a play-off spot for the Lions.

Finland needed the services of Great Britain against Austria to avoid the pressure of picking up at least a point against Switzerland on Tuesday night.

Austria, on the other hand, needed three points to finish fourth in Group A.

At first it looked good as the Austrians took the lead, but the English – who had nothing to play for – played their cool. They tied it first and took the lead early in the third period Brett Berlini.



Then when Evan Mosi Trailing 3-1 with only half of the third period remaining, the uphill battle was too good for Austria. Efforts became increasingly spasmodic and the nail in the famous coffin came when Austria took out the goalkeeper and Great Britain. Robert Dowd Can score 4-1 in an empty net.

Austria managed to reduce it to 2-4 within a minute Mario HuberBut then it was too late.

The win was Great Britain's first and only win of this year's tournament and the team celebrated long and hard with their traveling supporters after the final whistle.

Meet Sweden

Enough celebrating Jukka Jalonen and the Finnish national team. Or exploded anyway.

The result leaves the Lions ready for Thursday's quarter-final against Sweden, not because of their own achievements, but because of other teams' shortcomings. Finland should thank the hockey gods because their performances in this WC are not worthy of a playoff spot.

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The quarter-final against Trey Croner will take place in Ostrava on Thursday at 17:20 or 21:20.

Article corrected for 19.45. Earlier it was said that Finland will meet Sweden at 21.20. is yet to be decided but will be decided only on Tuesday evening after all the matches are over.