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Nordengrannar promises security insurance |  GP

Nordengrannar promises security insurance | GP

“Norway, Denmark and Iceland are ready to give Sweden and Finland all necessary support if the two countries come under attack before they officially become members of NATO,” Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store (Labour) said in a statement shortly after Sweden. Announced the NATO application.

“This is a milestone in Nordic cooperation, and this confirmation is a clear signal from us. We will do everything we can to ensure a speedy process, so that Norway can very quickly certify Sweden and Finland as members of NATO.” , He said. He continues and emphasizes that the defense cooperation of the Nordic countries is now being further strengthened.

“common cause”

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen (Q) also addresses the obligation to security insurance when commenting on the Swedish request.

The Danish government wrote in a statement on its website: “The security of Finland and Sweden is a common concern. If Finland or Sweden were victims of aggression on their territory before they became members of NATO, we will help them by all available means.”

In our view, the chances of enhancing Scandinavian cooperation increase, says Frederiksen in a short comment, and he stressed that Denmark should do everything in its power to ensure that Finland and Sweden quickly become members of the defense alliance.

Praise Sweden

There is no general comment from NATO yet. On the other hand, EU Council President Charles Michel has had time to tweet – in Swedish.

He wrote: “Sweden’s application to join NATO with its strategic partner Finland improves our security. I commend Sweden and the Prime Minister for the decision, which benefits our joint security and defense capabilities. The EU’s contribution to NATO deterrence is becoming increasingly invaluable.” Michelle.

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