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Nora Skin | House of 106 sq.m. from 1952 sold in Broby

Gold and Silver in the Olympics, Bronze in the European Championships and many heavy GP wins. Fredrickson can look back on some great months in the saddle on Basically All In and Catch Me Not.

She is nearing the final in Prague on the money-loving World Champions Tour, where the world star is at the top both individually and as a team.

In addition, he is clearly participating in the International Horse Show in Friends Square around First Advent.

But here and now he can enjoy seeing himself as the world’s number one jumper.

Fredrickson finished second in the standings on several occasions. In the fall of 2018, he began to seriously strive to once again reach the number one position in the world.

As an invited guest on Skavlan, he revealed to a million audience at SVT: “If you were in the top ten, it would be weird if you weren’t at the top.”

The Swedish Equestrian Federation says:

“Becoming number one in the world rankings is a goal that I set a few years ago. It felt like I was climbing the highest mountain in the world and I was close to the top a few times, but I always fell again. So now it feels totally cool to get all the way up to the top. Summit and flag laying.”

Thanks to everyone behind it.

“It feels very good for me and for the whole team. Becoming number one in the rankings is something you have been working towards for a long time, with a lot of competitions with many different horses being included for a whole year. It not only requires you to have good horses but you must To have good horse owners, good grooms, and a whole team that works incredibly hard to make it such a success. In this way, this is so much more than winning a big class over the weekend. I am so grateful for all the work my team has done that made me stand here today We celebrate this together.”

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Giant move by Baryard Johnson

The first Swedish rider to reach the top of the rankings was Rolf-Goran Bengtsson. The European Championship gold medalist from Madrid in 2011 contributed to his rise to the top in 2012.

RGB has been at number one worldwide for ten months.

Henrik von Eckermann takes his place among the ten best riders.

Malin Baryard Johnson, the third member of the Olympic gold team in Tokyo, climbed 26 places after summer and fall successes and is now 50th.

Facts: world ranking

1) Peder Frederiksson from Sweden 3015 points

2) Daniel Deuser from Germany 2790

3) Martin Fox – Switzerland 2718

4) Scott Brach, UK, 2,510

5) Marlon Modulo Zanotelli, Brazil, 2480

6) Steve Jardat – Switzerland 2450

7) Bin Maher – United Kingdom 2417

8) Henrik von Eckermann, Sverige, 2405

9) Kent Farrington – USA – 2383

10) Jerome Guerre, Belgian, No. 2 285.

Öv sv plac in the top 100:

50) Malin Baryard Johnson, 1673

87) Douglas Lindelof, 1410

Facts: Peder Fredrickson

Born: January 30, 1972 in Södertälje.

Family: Wife Lizine Pratt Fredrickson, sons Carsten, Hjalmar and Bill.

Where to stay: Grevlundagården, just outside Kivik in Österlen.

Club: Österlens Ridklubb.

Current: for the first time it ranks first in the world.