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Nomono releases a microphone pack for podcast creators.  for 3000 dollars.

Nomono releases a microphone pack for podcast creators. for 3000 dollars.

Norwegian company Nomono is now launching a product they call Sound Capsule, which is for podcast creators looking for a simpler solution to record audio from multiple sources for their recordings. In addition to the hardware itself, Nomono has also developed software that provides an easy-to-use experience when they are editing the recorded audio afterwards.

The Nomono recording platform consists of the Wi-Fi recorder itself, which captures sound from four integrated wireless microphones with a 360-degree spatial microphone array. The entire package weighs less than 2kg and is connected to the Nomono Web app, a collaboration tool where creators can upload their recordings, collaborate with the production team and use AI-based dialogue optimization to make sure everything looks as it should. The ace (as well as the hardware) in the rock cover is that it is also possible to record in Dolby Atmos or even binaural sound.

The Sound Capsule isn’t very cheap, however, and the complete package with four microphones is $3000.

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Nomono Microphones Podcast Expensive Dolby Atmos


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Dolby Atmos is coming to the podcast


In collaboration with podcast platform Wondery, Dolby Atmos podcasting is now being launched. To be able to listen to podcasts with spatial audio, you need a subscription to Amazon’s Wondery+, which is not yet available in Sweden. It’s not clear why anyone would want to hear a regular podcast with Dolby Atmos, but I can imagine it would be great if a podcast used a lot of different audio designs. Dolby is also giving a hint that they’re working on bringing Atmos to more audio streaming platforms, and since Apple Music already supports the standard, it’s not entirely impossible to look for Apple’s Podcast app sometime in the future.

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