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Nolan is not shy about loving fast movies  MovieZine

Nolan is not shy about loving fast movies MovieZine

If you haven't seen either film, director Oppenheimer recommends starting with “Tokyo Drift.”

Goofy director Christopher Nolan, who currently works with Oppenheimer, has previously said he likes the less goofy “Fast & Furious” movies. This came back in one New interview with Stephen Colbert Who in turn says that he has not seen one of them.

-I'm not ashamed that I love those movies. It's a great action series, as Christopher Nolan says and continues.

-I watch those movies all the time. love them. I'm quite impressed that you haven't seen them before.

When asked if Stephen Colbert had to monitor everyone at once, Christopher Nolan said it wasn't necessary.

– Only in recent films is there a very specific card and legend. I'll start with “Tokyo Drift” and see this movie as its own story.

“The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift” is the third film in the series and although it is the least profitable, it may also be where the entire “Fast” series finds its soul. Among other things, in “Tokyo Drift,” director Justin Lin jumps into the series that he would then define with later films like “Fast Five.”

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