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Nokia moves manufacturing to Europe

Nokia moves manufacturing to Europe

Low production costs have attracted companies to move all manufacturing of technological products to Asia in one form or another. At least as far as the circuits are concerned, investment has become the subject of large policies and investments to run some home manufacturing again. Europe lacks the technology and facilities to produce many modern products on a large scale, but this is something that may change in the future.

Behind recent Nokia-branded smartphones is HMD Global, which has now announced its desire to invest in the manufacture of 5G devices in Europe. Production is scheduled to begin already in the third quarter of the year and step by step to completely leave Asia. The company then became the first major player to offer domestically produced phones, with increased demand from organizations with high security requirements said to be part of the reason behind the decision.

While we cannot discuss specific European subsidies, we are collaborating with multiple parties in both the public and private sectors in Europe to advocate for European manufacturing and R&D – Lars Silberbauer, Marketing Director HMD Global

in Statement to Reuters The company’s marketing director Lars Silberbauer explained that they are currently cooperating with both the private and public sectors to achieve success in manufacturing and research and development in Europe. Reuters also mentions that the European Union encourages companies to set up in certain technical areas, with circular manufacturing being an example on everyone’s lips. Whether tax breaks or other benefits were in the balance that motivated HMD Global to dream of European-made phones is unknown, but it’s not ruled out.

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At the moment, it is also not known exactly where the company will manufacture and which devices are on the list. Another aspect the future will tell is whether convertible manufacturing will make a huge difference in prices, which for most Nokia devices are in the bottom segment. In conclusion, it remains to be seen if more phone companies plan to manufacture outside of Asia.

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