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No surprises in the government’s revised additional budget – News (ECOT)

There are no surprises in the government’s revised supplemental budget that Finance Minister Michael Damberg left this morning.

– It’s the same as the spring change budget, but with the addition of the compromise on pensioner improvements which I think the majority in the Swedish parliament is behind. This means that we are now one step closer to increasing a thousand kroner for insured pensioners in Sweden, says Finance Minister Michael Damberg.

Compromising with the Center Party also means that they want to set a gas investigation into the pension system and lower taxes for those over 65 who work.

A new vote on the spring change budget could be held as early as Wednesday.

The government’s proposal, which has the support of C, V and MP, will stand against the opposition Conservative Party’s proposal, which was voted on this week.

Once again, the political savage Amina Kabbah has the decisive voice.

It has not yet announced how it will vote, but has said, among other things, that it wants to make sure that the government does not allow arms exports to Turkey.

Finance Minister Michael Damberg says he is not negotiating with her and that talks are certainly going on with Kakapavi without his interference.

He still believes that the government’s proposal will gain a majority in the House of Representatives.

– I have high hopes that Amina will eventually vote on a budget that gives the most vulnerable women in Sweden at the moment, says Finance Minister Michael Damberg.

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