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No Man's Sky: Endurance has live ships and better cargo bases

No Man’s Sky: Endurance has live ships and better cargo bases

In addition to farming units, fancier black holes and many more.

Hello Games keeps pushing harder or less Updates to me No Man’s Sky, and the most recent (which should be released now) is Endurance. The focus of this update is on the shipping bases we can encounter and build, giving us better opportunities to customize them. This is done, among other things, with a lot of new objects, themed parts and rooms, as well as the option to build, for example, pedestrian bridges and observation decks on the outside of the hull.

The game now also includes organic frigates, which are living creatures with which you can build fleets and also develop them by feeding them. However, he was warned of distractions when transporting them on fleet missions. And speaking of live creatures, there are also farming units to add to your cargo base, allowing you to grow food on board.

The rest of the news is too much to list here, but it does include the mysterious Polestar mission, improved appearances of nebulae and black holes, more eerie atmospheres on abandoned cargo ships, and much more. Read about the update over here.

By the way, you know that”close to impossibleA copy of the game coming to Switch on October 7th?

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