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No emails from British security - Afghan translators in mortal danger

No emails from British security – Afghan translators in mortal danger

The British Ministry of Defense has apologized for the incident, which revealed email addresses to Afghan translators who had collaborated with British forces.

– A translator who received an email to the BBC said the mistake could cost the lives of translators, especially those based in Afghanistan.

The email, sent by the Ministry of Defense, was addressed to more than 250 people seeking relocation to the UK, most of whom explain. All email addresses were mistakenly copied and everyone who received the email knows. Other information, such as the names and profile pictures of some translators, was also circulated.

Hunted by the Taliban

Many Afghans who worked with Western forces have disappeared from the Taliban who captured Afghanistan. This group of interpreters is believed to be traitors and has now gathered information about individuals who are being used to search and intimidate them.

– Some translators did not notice the error and responded to the email. An interpreter who received an email to the BBC says this is very dangerous.

Many translators are in Kabul

Security says it has contacted the victims of the incident and is now assisting in managing the potential danger. Defender.

The Guardian reports that about 17,000 people have been evacuated from the capital, Kabul, by British forces in connection with the Taliban’s occupation of Afghanistan. However, many Afghans who cooperated with the forces were left behind Chaos at the airport. The email was intended to help those trapped in Afghanistan and those fleeing to neighboring countries.

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