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No doubt Sam Kerr will start if he makes a century – Sports –

No doubt Sam Kerr will start if he makes a century – Sports –

There’s no doubt – Sam Kerr will start in the home country’s World Cup quarter-finals if he passes his final medical. France national team captain Herve Renard says it’s not a concern for us.

A whole soccer world cup was built below With Sam Kerr as the frontman. Four games into the tournament, the home crowd in Australia is still waiting to see the star who has been consistent since the start.

And after entering the Round of 16 against Denmark, here comes the prediction the Australians have been waiting for.

– Sam can never be a disruptive part of the team. I want to be very clear: If Sam is ready to play ninety minutes, she starts. It’s not even a question, the whole team knows about it, says confederation captain Toni Gustavson in today’s press conference.

– After all, we are talking about Sam Kerr. We will decide tonight if she is ready to play ninety minutes and extra time. But there is no doubt that if he is physically ready, he will play from the start.

Renard: Don’t worry

The day before the opening match against Ireland, Kerr suffered a calf injury. In the last group stage match against Canada, the Chelsea striker was back on the bench, thus playing his first World Cup minutes.

– Is she playing or not? It doesn’t bother me. Both teams have strong cards going forward – and I wouldn’t trade my strikers for them, says France national team captain Herve Renard.

Despite Australia’s rampant success at the World Cup, Kerr is looking forward to a big meeting with France in the quarter-finals.

– Over the past six months, this team has shown that everyone is contributing and ready to move forward. They support each other and nobody complains, says Gustavsson.

Two teams without a WC medal

A new crowd awaits in the quarterfinals starting Saturday. The arena in Brisbane holds more than 50,000 spectators and will be packed with Australians on the final strait of the line between an acceptable World Cup and a successful World Cup for both teams.

Australia have never gone beyond the quarter-finals at a World Cup, while France have never won a World Cup medal, playing in the semi-finals once.

– Overall, the tournament was a complete success and we can only congratulate Australia. Renard says that tomorrow, a competition will be held to live for the cause.

The two World Cup quarter-finals on Saturday are Australia-France (10am) and England-Colombia (1.30pm). Both matches are broadcast on TV2 and Arena.

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