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Nintendo refuses to recognize Switch with 4K UHD

Nintendo refuses to recognize Switch with 4K UHD

One of the long-standing rumors in gaming consoles is that Nintendo is working on a new Switch with better performance and support for 4K UHD resolution. When the switch with the OLED display was announced, Nintendo was quick to point out that there were no changes made on the hardware side, as the same Tegra X1 circuit also powers the new model. Despite this, the rumor did not want to give up.

Bloomberg News reports that a Nintendo Switch with 4K UHD support is still on the agenda. As a basis for the data, Bloomberg spoke with at least eleven different game developers, all of whom claim to have developer groups with more powerful hardware. Among them is game developer Zynga, who has never before developed software for the Nintendo game console.

By the time Nintendo showed off the new console in July, the company had already distributed 4K kits to outside developers and asked them to design software to support higher resolutions. The development kit, which is used to test unfinished games, is a standard tool in the game making process. The Nintendo Switch kit has additional memory to hold debugging software and additional ports to make it easier to connect to a PC but otherwise has similar capabilities to hardware customers might have at home. Native switching kit, such as consumer products, transmits video to a 1080p TV or monitor. The new one works in 4K resolution.

Furthermore, the Nintendo developer kit for the Switch with 4K UHD support appears to have additional memory, which is standard for developer groups because it makes it easier to troubleshoot software. In addition, there is an additional connection to connect the device to a computer, but otherwise, the device must have a capacity similar to that intended for end customers. Moreover, as was often expected, higher resolution appears to be possible only when the game console is placed in the docking station and connected to a TV screen.

After the news broke, Nintendo was once again quick to deny the information. For Bloomberg and in one statement to investors Nintendo wrote that the information that game developers have developer kits with 4K UHD support is directly incorrect. The gaming giant also reiterates what was announced in July, that in addition to the Switch OLED, they have no plans for other new models. Zynga spokeswoman Sarah Ross also denied that the company has a developer group that supports 4K UHD technology.

It’s common for companies to deny unofficial information, but it’s not uncommon for Nintendo to turn directly to investors. Several independent statements still suggest there is something wrong with the Switch in 4K UHD. Two possible scenarios are that Nintendo has put off plans that were on the agenda, or it is confirming all the information in order to be able to surprise and own the advertising opportunity.

Interested in a Nintendo Switch with 4K UHD resolution support?

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