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Nintendo advises against removing screen protectors on Switch OLED

Nintendo advises against removing screen protectors on Switch OLED

The Portable Game Console Switch has become a smash hit from Nintendo and now the updated version has been launched. To the annoyance of many high-performance hardware isn’t under the hood, but Nintendo made do with external conversions. By far the biggest news is the OLED screen panel, which rises from 6.2 to 7 inches and presents a better picture than the original.

In addition to the OLED technology itself, the outer surface of the screen is made of glass, unlike the original, whose screen surface is made of plastic. Thus, the new screen is more prone to scratches and that is why Nintendo has put in a screen protector, which in addition to protecting against scratches also prevents broken glass if the screen is broken when the game console is dropped on the floor, for example.

Being an adhesive screen protector is not a normal thing, as other electronic gadgets are delivered with screen protectors that can be removed. For this reason, Nintendo in its manual warns users against removing the protection, as it has a high risk of damaging the screen. The previous example of product damage is the first generation Galaxy Fold, which has often been confused with a top screen layer with a standard screen protector.

the edge Who tested a Nintendo Switch OLED before launch suggests that the screen protector is barely noticeable and that most people probably don’t even notice it’s there. For those who want additional protection, Nintendo has also confirmed that it is possible to put a screen protector on top of it to stick, without causing problems, for example, the touch function.

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The Nintendo Switch OLED is available for purchase in Swedish stores for 4,490 SEK. In addition to the new display, the new model has an improved adjustable stand, speakers, Joy-Con controllers, 64GB of storage, and a docking station with a built-in LAN port.

Did you buy a Nintendo Switch OLED, or are you still living hoping for a Pro model?