Nick Candy Facing £1.5bn Claim Over £160m Penthouse

Property tycoon Nick Candy is facing a £1.5bn legal claim, it is reported.

A story in the Daily Mail says that the claim is being made by company director Michael Brown who was involved with a prospective sale of Candy’s £160m penthouse at One Hyde Park, London.

The property is said to be the most expensive flat in Britain. Candy took out a £80m mortgage on it last year, thought to be one of Britain’s largest ever residential mortgages.

The report says that a spokesman for Nick Candy denies the claim and believes it will be thrown out of court at an early stage.

While it’s not unusual for the sale of expensive properties to attract expensive bills this is quite some claim even for a property worth £160m. It will be interesting to see exactly how the £1.5bn has been calculated.

Source Daily Mail
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