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New Sphinx found in Egypt – depicting a Roman Emperor

New Sphinx found in Egypt – depicting a Roman Emperor

Egypt is undoubtedly a favorite destination for many archaeologists. New discoveries continue to amaze scientists and now it’s time again. Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry said archaeologists have discovered what appears to be a miniature copy of the world-famous Great Sphinx in the Giza pyramids.

But this Sphinx, unlike its larger relative, smiles and has dimples, BBC reports.

The limestone statue was found at a burial site near the Temple of Hathor. One of the best preserved archaeological sites in Egypt. The temple is located at Dendera, about 45 miles outside the capital, Cairo.

Roman face

Archaeologists believe that the Happy Sphinx comes from a different era than the 20-meter version – that is, from Roman times. The statue is believed to represent the Roman Emperor Claudius. It was he who managed, between the years 41 and 54, to incorporate Ancient Egypt into the Roman Empire.

In addition to the small Sphinx, a stone block with hieroglyphs believed to be from the same era was also found. Archaeologists must now study the stone block in order to gain more information about the identity of the newly discovered Sphinx, according to the Ministry of Antiquities.

New discoveries from ancient Egypt continue. Just last week, a new, previously unknown passage was found in Egypt’s largest pyramid. A discovery that authorities now hope will generate more discoveries.

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