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New robot tests from North Korea |  GP

New robot tests from North Korea | GP

South Korean news agency Yonhap reported early at night, Sweden time, about the suspected test. Shortly thereafter, the northern neighbor defended him.

“In the hostile environment, no one can deny our right to defend ourselves and test weapons,” the country’s ambassador to the United Nations, Kim Sung, told the UN General Assembly.

– We are expanding our national defense only to be able to defend ourselves and protect security and peace in our country, he said.

It is not known what type of robots were tested.

Ballistic robots are prohibited

After not conducting any robot tests since March, North Korea conducted two robot tests earlier in September. According to the South Korean military, at one time they were ballistic robots – weapons that the United Nations Security Council forbade testing.

North Korea is under severe sanctions from the United Nations and the United States due to the country’s nuclear and robotic weapons programs. But the country has shown no signs of giving up on its tests as it has been working to tighten its muscles over the past month.

Last week, the sister of dictator Kim Jong Un, Kim Yo Jong, said that South Korea must stop acting hostile to its neighbor to the North in order to reach a peace deal. On Monday, the official news agency KCNA wrote that the United States is the “world’s worst human rights criminal.”

Requires the United States to withdraw

UN Ambassador Kim Song also demanded that South Korea and the United States immediately halt joint military exercises, that all weapons destined for North Korea be permanently removed, and that the country be ready for talks if that happens.

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“But we see that at the moment there is no possibility that the United States is seriously considering easing its hostile policies,” he said.

This statement applies, among other things, to South Korea’s test launch of a submarine-launched ballistic missile in September.