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New research on the terrifying disease that afflicts salespeople

New research on the terrifying disease that afflicts salespeople

In Greenland, the disease has been known for a long time, with sale owners contracting severe infections from animals they kill. The underlying causes have now been identified. Patients from Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway are included in the study.

Great pain

The infection is called ringworm and causes severe pain. It can spread to the hand and even the arm. Long ago, there was no effective procedure other than arm amputation.

To avoid infection, the person handling the seal should wear protective gloves.

Researchers from the State Serum Institute in Denmark are considered the first in the world to explain that a type of bacteria called Mycoplasma phocimorsus is behind the infection. A summary of their investigation has now been published in Journal of the Society for Microbiology.

It is difficult to treat

The disease was scientifically described as early as 1907, and was long a mystery. But now Danish researchers have discovered its cause and that the infection is sensitive to antibiotics other than penicillin. Danish Jaegerforbund Countries.

That seal toe disease is difficult to treat is clear from A Article from Läkartidningen in 2004.

Then a man from Ljusdal came to the doctor with a badly swollen finger after cutting himself while hunting seals on the coast of Hälsinge. It took several treatments before the swelling subsided, but the pain remained for a long time.

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